Corporate Facts

The Group started in 2006 and comprises of a number of companies that form an integrated Outsourcing and Service Provider. Initially servicing the Indian domestic market from Customer Lifecycle services and Contact Centres through to Debt Collection for both Indian and International Banks it soon expanded to include Manpower and Payroll Services. Quantum has used its expertise and process knowledge from the highly regulated Financial Services sector and developed this quality and consistency into other sectors such as Telecom and a Group company is now the largest telecom outsourcing vendor in East India.

Quantum continues to expand with 18 locations in India as well as offices in the UK and now has on its payroll in excess of 5,000 employees. In addition to BPO Outsourcing we have Professional Services Outsourcing, Transactional Outsourcing as well as Technical Outsourcing and the people and processes linked to the correct technology to consistently deliver for our clients.

We believe in ‘right sourcing’ so as to ensure that our ‘service’ always meets our clients individual needs be that Outsourcing, Insourcing, JV or a combination of all three whichever way is the most effective for our clients. At Quantum we and our associate companies develop solutions specifically for your individual business and current needs and our ‘world class’ clients ensure that we will always deliver for you global best practice be that domestically in India or Internationally.

  • Our International and Domestic Contact Centres every month make 900,000 Outbound Calls and takes in 375,000 Inbound Calls
  • We ‘securely’ handle every month over 12 million personal and client data records with instant retrieval, analytics and reconciliation
  • We have teams of ‘field agents’ that service 55,000 of our clients ‘active’ accounts
  • We Transcribe 100,000 UK & USA voice files per month
  • We handle over 10,000 individual pieces of correspondence per month
  • We handle every month over 500,000 cheques and 12,000 bond redemption payments