Our Company

Welcome to Quantum

We are one of India’s and the UK’s most innovative and leading Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Professional Services companies. With over 5,000 employees on our payroll and 18 locations in India as well as offices in London we look to deliver ‘real value’ for you over and above what you are currently achieving. At Quantum we ensure that we grow with you and develop long-term relationships with people and processes that ensure you exceed your strategies in the years ahead.

Our relationship with you builds on our expertise in Outsourcing and Consulting to deliver sustainable value for you and your company be that Professional Services, Recruitment, Payroll, Process, Transactional, Back Office and Front Office Administration or Contact Services. Whatever your needs we have the Outsource, Insource or Rightsource services to deliver for you within India UK or USA.

At the core of the Quantum business is an absolute focus on outstanding service and we put our clients at the centre of everything we do so that we provide a broad and evolving service offering that is world class and adds ‘value’ through a range of commercial outsourcing solutions. Using our commercial knowledge service-offering expertise and technology capabilities we work with you to develop solutions that are ‘bespoke’ for your actual needs as with Quantum our solutions are ‘tailor made’ for you and your company be that traditional outsourcing or transformational outsourcing.