Administrative and Back Office Support

As your one-stop general and administrative outsourcing provider, Quantum can help simplify governance, reduce management time, increase operating scale, lower operating and deliver risks and provide an opportunity to achieve larger and holistic back-office change.

Quantum has the depth and breadth of capability in technology and business processes across all Administration, Back & Middle Office functions—plus the infrastructure to support its clients in India, UK and USA. Quantum has extensive experience working at this level of engagement from its ‘lower’ cost India Centres and is recognised as a leader in all back-office functions including: Finance and Accounting; Procurement; HR and Learning.

That qualifies us one of the few companies that can realistically help you transition you’re your current solutions through to a comprehensive outsourcing approach that delivers the bigger, faster savings you need now, while setting you up to excel in a world of scarce resources and fierce competition.

Quantum also has a range of ‘work flow’ solutions from mailroom through to Contact Centres and applies its Global Process ‘best practice’ to ensure that quality and accuracy are linked to technology and people. Our integrated solutions can accommodate high volume daily transactions of every type.