Credit Management

Our people are committed to a customer-centric approach to credit management, focusing on empathy, negotiation and problem-solving to reach agreements with customers on repaying debts. Through high-quality customer service, debtors remain satisfied, loyal customers.

Quantum Solution’s extensive experience in credit management enables us to create best practices through shared knowledge, thereby continuously improving our services and developing new features that benefit our clients. We apply business intelligence to the collection processes through scoring and profiling.

Quantum Solution’s huge operational capacity and technical resources, as well as synergy with our call centres and vast local presence, make us highly efficient in credit management, allowing us to help flow cash back into your budget quickly.

Quantum Solutions provides:

  • All aspects of credit management provided by industry experts
  • Quicker recovery through large resourced and adapted technology
  • Retained customers and protect brand through customer-centric approach
  • Business intelligence applied to the processes through scoring and profiling
  • Consultant approach based on deep business knowledge