Benefits of Outsourcing

Quite simply, outsourcing delivers results. It's a proven tool in improving business performance and transforming customer services. Outsourcing used to be seen as a cost reduction solution these days it is seen more as an essential business improvement solution. Whether it is Business Process Outsourcing, Professional Services Outsourcing, Transactional Outsourcing or Technology Outsourcing we have the developed skill sets to deliver for you and your company the service levels and ROI you are looking for.

As a flexible, committed outsourcing partner we consistently bring our clients measurable service improvements when we transform and manage existing services or create and run completely new service infrastructures. Our extensive outsourcing capabilities and infrastructure enable us to step-up service efficiency and flexibly to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty all at an agreed cost.

Our passion for service, combined with unrivalled capability and experience in business process engineering makes us an ideal transformation partner. We begin with thorough analysis as it is only by fully understanding each client’s challenges and objectives that we ensure that our solutions match their expectations and deliver real benefits to you and your customers. We will work closely with you to identify and deliver the best ways of working through measurable step changes in service delivery that increase efficiency, quality and accessibility.

Delivering value

  • Smoothly transferring employees, providing new skills and inspiration
  • Data Entry and Verification
  • Streamlining processes
  • Effective use of ICT
  • Applying new ideas and methodology from our Global experience
  • Improving customer services
  • Delivering flexible services with cost certainty.

Managing change smoothly

Successful service transformation requires discipline and we have the experience and skill in business process reengineering to identify and co-ordinate all aspects of the transformation on any scale:

  • Introducing business process reengineering and organisational structures
  • Implementing new systems and technologies
  • Transferring risk and regulatory or statutory responsibilities
  • Understanding employees’ needs.

Our goal is to keep adding value by delivering managed and measurable step changes in service quality and efficiency. Wherever possible we ensure that all change is measured and step by step as our approach is low-key and progressive using our extensive resources if necessary to maintain continuity of service during the change process.

We blend our clients' knowledge and experience with our capacity and methodologies to maximise service efficiency and quality. You set the objectives and we design and implement the systems and processes to deliver them and the ROI.

Our process is built upon best Global practices:

  • Objective setting to build a mutual understanding of clear short and longer term objectives and strategy
  • Comprehensive audit to ensure detailed understanding of all the service elements, including inputs and outputs, workflow interconnectivity, efficiency and dependencies and service infrastructure
  • Phased transformation to implement the solution through aligning process maps, people management, technology upgrades or replacement, and work environment improvements
  • Operational measurement to ensure effective delivery is bench marked and measured with report performance indicators and achievement of milestones to track service improvements and client benefits as well as to ensure effective ongoing and future plans