Our e-Procurement solutions are already used by a number of large global companies from Manufacturers to Professional services, however the simplicity of our modular approach ensures that this is also a cost effective solution for medium sized and even small companies.

Our procurement solutions automate the full buying cycle and improve the management and tracking of spend and operations, including reducing processing time and costs and enabling more effective collaboration with your trading network. Our solutions also ensure that you achieve substantial and material savings in buying, sourcing, process and supplier collaboration delivering you a tangible ROI as well as efficiencies.

Our procurement solutions provide the capabilities to:

  • Streamline the sourcing and ongoing contract management process
  • Exploit contract and volume information for better price and service negotiation
  • Improve supplier relationships and performance management
  • Ensure controls are built into each stage of the procurement process and flexibility to enforce the corporate rule book
  • Automate supplier transactions and catalogue management across the Web
  • Reduce the cost of managing supplier relationships with vendor self-service
  • Ensure actions do not "fall through the cracks" such as contract reviews and sourcing events

We have a modular based approach so you can define your costs and these can also be linked to usage and so it makes our e-procurement solution exceptionally cost effective whatever your business size and needs. All the tools you need to effectively manage your Procurement.

  • E-Tendering
  • Reverse Auctions
  • Forward Auctions
  • Reverse Buying
  • Supplier Management
  • Contract Management
  • Spend and Cost Control
  • Codification
  • Waste Management
  • Knowledge Management

Reporting and Analytics

Our solutions capture every detail associated with the procurement cycle. This includes all transaction events, as well as the details about every supplier, contract, item, order, approval, receipt and invoice.

  • As you would expect we also have reporting and analysis tools that make it easy to create, publish, and access virtually any form of summary or detail report with instant drill-down to the lowest level of detail, including:
    • Instant access to management summary reports
    • Full access to supporting detail
    • Flexible report and KPI design
    • Graphical and tabular display for better visibility of KPI’s
    • User specific reports and security rights
    • Activity and issue tracking