Manpower and Recruitment

Quantum supplies some of the largest Companies in the world with, Permanent Staff, Temporary Staff, Contractors, from Professionals and Board level Directors to production workers whatever your recruitment needs Quantum has the solution.

Quantum is a Professional Service provider for all staffing solutions in the UK and India and have offices across India and UK (London) and branch tie-ups in the Canadian markets. We are one of the leading suppliers of Manpower and Temporary Staff across recruitment divisions namely Manufacturing, Financial Services including Banking, IT &T (All divisions), and Telecom, Pharmaceutical, Sales & Marketing, Media, HR and Retail Hospitality market. Our professional services, assessment and productivity improvement solutions have resulted in the establishment of long term and successful partnerships with our clients for common focused goals, selection and retention of their most valuable employees.

As one of the India’s and the UK’s leading Professional Services Company, we provide cost effective staffing solutions to end-users as a Recruitment Agency, Placement Consultants in India and the UK . For Job seekers Quantum is the place to start search for a vacancy within all major sectors as we provide staffing solutions to some of the UK’s and India’s major Companies.

Our consultants are a team of highly experienced recruiters and industry professionals, who through their consultative approach have a deep understanding of their respective industries and the roles. We reflect the qualities of our clients with a culture for passion, energy, enthusiasm and innovation. At Quantum we strive to provide an unparalleled level of service to both candidates and clients, and will never waiver in our commitment to innovation, integrity and performance.

There are many added values that our clients benefit from when they associate with Quantum based on our extensive Outsource experience and process knowledge. We can also provide online testing which can be adapted for both existing employees and also potential employees. We can provide through our extensive networking and global personnel databases the high calibre employee that you are looking to recruit.

At Quantum we have a passion to provide you with the very best service and this is linked to the best resources and the positive benefits that Quantum brings from its strong Outsourcing and consultancy Capabilities. At quantum we welcome a challenge as this shows the resilience of our approach and we see difficulty as an opportunity to demonstrate our ability.


Payroll is a key part of the Quantum services and this allows your company the flexibility over your staffing levels as well as the financial benefits of having the employees on our books. Our Payroll Services also can be tailored for your own employees and we utilise the latest technology to allow you to monitor and reconcile all employees.

With Quantum we inject speed and flexibility and accuracy into your payroll processes which is consistently delivered - on time - by our dedicated payroll staff who take ownership of an account and get to know even the most complex payroll just as well as your in-house team. Quantum ensures that you remain fully compliant at all times, and our payroll solutions are uniquely tailored to each client.

Our payroll services integrate seamlessly with HR, e-HR, and finance systems while powerful reporting tools and full data access ensure that you retain complete control. Specialist Payroll consultancy with stringent service level agreements and performance monitoring all guarantee effective streamlining and an unparalleled quality of service in the management of even the most demanding payrolls.

Our payroll service is used by a range of clients in both the public and private sectors; even within a restricted budget we can make payroll outsourcing possible as with Quantum your payroll is on time every time.

  • A payroll service uniquely tailored to your needs - choose from our payroll bureau, managed payroll, adaptive payroll or fully managed flexible payroll services hosting options are also available
  • Powerful and fast reporting & analysis using our reporting and analysis tool
  • Quantum Payroll consultancy, support, and training help you to reduce costs and increase efficiency
  • Full visibility of labour costs for improved resource planning
  • Latest HR and payroll system benefits without capital or maintenance costs