Transcription Services UK & USA

Whatever your Transcription needs: Voice to Text or e-mail – Media – Legal

Providing Voice to Text/Word Solutions for B2C and B2B clients in both the UK and USA in ‘real time’ situations across all time zones. On one project we convert voicemail into text and deliver it directly to mobile phones, Blackberry, Goodlink enabled phone and/or email account; so that the recipient can read the voicemail.

Whilst technology can accommodate some ‘traffic’ through automated solutions there is always a need for ‘accurate and timely’ human transcribers to assist VTT solutions.

We employ English/American speaking agents who have English as their ‘first language’ and then give them advanced ‘linguistic accent training’ so that they can become attuned to the various local accents and colloquialisms in both the UK and USA.

Quality of transcription is key and our processes ensure consistency with a series of daily quality ‘tests’ for every agent that form part of that agents training and professional competency profile. Our training ensures excellent ‘keyboard’ and IT skills as well as that essential ‘listening’ skills and we work with every agent to ensure they can deliver, quality and timely transcriptions every time.

We operate from purpose build premises on a modern IT Park with world standard connectivity and data security. As we transcribe for the UK and all USA time zones we have the ability to operate our transcription service 24 x 7 and accommodate every type of transcription from voice to text through to media or legal.

Depending on the transcription type we can link through your web portal or we have the ability to develop web based CRM interfaces into your systems for ‘real time’ transfer. We work through SLA’s and are also used to working in heavily ‘regulated’ sectors.

Currently for the UK and USA we are transcribing over 50,000 minutes every month and our Centre is fully scaleable with a cost structure that ensures you get an excellent ROI and an unparalleled quality service.